Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moonspell Discography

Moonspell identify by Folk Black (early) / Gothic Metal (now), origin from Portugal , initially formed in 1989 as "Morbid God" by Fernando Ribeiro (vocals), Ares (bass guitar) and two of the bands former members .
The band explored their sound and recorded demos and EPs until 1992 when they decided to change their name to Moonspell. More info ,

Anno Satanae-(Demo, 1993)

Goat on Fire / Wolves From the Fog (EP, 1994)

Under the Moonspell (EP, 1994)

Wolfheart (1995)

Irreligious (1996)

Opium (Single, 1996)

2econd Skin (EP, 1997)

Sin/Pecado (1998)

The Butterfly Effect (1999)

Darkness and Hope (2001)

Everything Invaded (Single, 2003)

The Antidote (2003)

Memorial (2006)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the link of the album memorial is not valid
please correct this info

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Anonymous illumina said...

Would you mind re-upping these?

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Anonymous Analisa said...

Please update these links


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Blogger Anka said...

Update the links of Moonspell! TY

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Blogger mephistole said...

el enlase del disco irreligious no es valido, lo e buscado por todos lados y no esta , porfavor arreglenlo,
ahi se ven cuidense xao.

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Blogger mephistole said...

no hay ninguno

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hi i hope you understand inglish, i was oping if you can up date the download links cause i would like to wear this albuns that are great...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

metam ai o novo album "Night Eternal "

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