Saturday, May 06, 2006

Slipknot Discography

Hailing from the 'middle of nowhere' - Des Moines, Iowa - they are nine men in nine different masks united with one common goal: world domination.
They signed to metal label Roadrunner Records. "Slipknot" self-titled second album eventually went platinum due to intensive touring and the publicity surrounding their stage persona. Their follow up album, "Iowa" continued their success and they scored a slot on Ozzfest. In 2002, Slipknot took a long term hiatus and members worked on outside projects. Here , the very best with love from the Knot to the maggots.

Slipknot - Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. 1997

Slipknot - 742617000027 1999

Slipknot - Iowa 2001

Slipknot - Vol. 3 (Subliminal Verses) 2004

Slipknot - 9.0 Live 2005


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